About me!

Hi, I'm Gryphon! I use he/it/bot pronouns, and I'm a kiwi artist. The main things you'll see from me relate to my own little project, Suyoreth, and it's worldbuilding, as well as original characters and some art for media I like!

This site is mostly here for easy navigation, to keep my links in one place as well as any extra information like this. But it'll also be home to most, maybe not all, of my art! The site's a work in progress, and more things will be added in future, including, hopefully a commissions page!

  • Neocities profile link!
  • A button for this site that reads:'duskgryphon' in all capitals. To the right side is pixel art of Gryph's sona, which is a lizard-like robot. He's smiling, facing the left in a profile view, holding one hand up.